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    Ahmadreza Nabizadeh is a singer-songwriter who has been enriching the Persian community with his musical contributions for many years.
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    He has been playing classical guitar since the age of 13 and is also familiar with traditional Persian instruments.
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    His latest album entitled “Tab-e- Kavir” or “Desert Fever” was unleashed on the market in 2004. Here Ahmadreza incorporates a new style which he has never attempted before inspired by the music of his hometown Abadan.
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  • Vaseh Man Gol Naferest +

    Ahmadreza Nabizadeh- Vaseh Man Gol Naferest (As One Together) As One Together (Vaseh Man Gol Naferest)
  • My Beloved +

    Ahmadreza Nabizadeh- My Beloved (Azizam ghose nakhor) My Beloved (Azizam)
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